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Electric Cars - BIK Benefits

Well, after months of advising clients on how to avoid BIK bills, I thought I'd take my own advice and ditch the diesel estate for a clean green driving machine. BIK tax is 2% on 100% electric cars so we test drove the Tesla 3. Wow, insane acceleration. The only thing quicker is the way their customer service disappeared once we'd agreed a delivery date and price. Having agreed a price for May delivery, arranged for my current car to go back, passed credit approval, Tesla then told me in April that the price was only for deliveries in March. They've cost me thousands and left me with no car from mid May and I've had to seek legal advice. Purchasing a nice car has always been a real pleasure but not this time. I checked and re-checked the paperwork. Nope no mention of March anywhere, and right from test drive to order, the constant reminder of May delivery. I've never experienced such poor customer service anywhere. Staff with little knowledge that don't reply to e-mails and think it's perfectly acceptable to just massively increase the price when they've already agreed it, allocated a car and gone through the finance. Thankfully this is the first time I've ever experienced anything like this and thanks to social media I'm able to warn others. Checkout the reviews on trust pilot. I wish I had before I went for a test drive.

Electric cars still represent great value as a company car and there are significant savings to be had. There are government grants (£2500 if your car costs less than £35000), savings on VAT and Corporation tax with BIK being 2%. If you'd like to know more, feel free to give us a call on 0117 9235294.

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