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Passion led us here

About Us

We're friendly, professional, approachable and down to earth Bristol based accountants and business advisers

From your very first meeting with us you'll find us friendly, approachable and down to earth. Yes, we are professional and passionate about what we do and of course we are appropriately qualified and experienced too, but there's much more that you should expect from your accountant.

  • We're on hand when you need us.

  • We speak in plain English, not in jargon, so you understand your accounts, tax bill and the advice we give.

  • We're pro-active.  We'll contact you to request your records.  We'll keep you updated with the latest tax, accountancy and business news that affects you and your business, whether that be an e-mail, phone call or through our monthly newsletters.

  • Ever feel that your accountant is an extension of HMRC?  Not us.  We work for you not HMRC.  This means we'll help you remain compliant with all of your obligations, like filing payroll on time.  But when HMRC get it wrong (and they do, more often than people think) we're happy to go back and discuss it with HMRC or submit an appeal where necessary.

Qualifications and experience

We're a Chartered Certified firm of accountants and regulated by the ACCA, a global leader when it comes to accountancy qualifications and regulating Chartered Certified Accountants.  The owner of the firm, Tony has exceptional experience in manufacturing having worked for household names home and abroad in senior finance positions.   We've also been working with small to medium sized businesses in and around Bristol for many years now, particularly the trades, helping them grow their profits and keep more of their hard-earned cash from the tax man through effective tax planning.  We've got a diverse range of clients, from on-line retail, to recording artists, restaurants and tradesmen. We love the variety and particularly like to help business owners that want to grow and expand.  

Here's what Tony has to say about TSA and why he started his own practice. 

"I realised a long time ago from working with a few smaller clients, that they were not receiving the same level of service, or expertise from their accountants as larger companies were getting from their employed company accountants.  I set up TSA with the aim of doing more than just filing accounts and tax returns.  I wanted to bring that large company expertise and service level to SME's.  To help business owners grow and succeed.  To provide sound advice on more than just tax and record keeping.  To be Bristol accountants that are more like a business partner than a bean counter.  We provide that as standard and for a select group of clients, we provide business coaching, with more regular contact and materials to help them "supercharge" their growth or to help them restructure. Whatever their goals are, we help them achieve them.  I can't do all of this on my own, and I'm proud to say I have an exceptional team with me.  We only work with people that share our values and that means firms for other services that we recommend as well as our own team.  The whole team at TSA buy in to our values and our philosophy. And it's that which separates us from other accounting firms"

Why TSA?

Our Philosophy and Vision

To provide Exceptional financial and professional services whilst meeting the current and future needs of our clients to help them cultivate success.  To do this in a way that is friendly, approachable, and down to earth. To establish trust and loyalty between staff members, directors and the firm’s clients.

Tony Scrase,
Chartered Certified Accountant

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