Business Advice

Through our experience with large and small businesses we have developed the know-how and skills necessary to help you grow your business in a strong and sustainable way. We offer consulting and advice to help you make the right decisions.

Our advisor Tony has worked in companies like Stanley and Marigold so he not only has an extensive knowledge of the manufacturing industry in particular, but also the kind of thinking used to maximise profits in large companies.

We Offer

Every business runs with decisions made on three levels:

  • Operational – The day-to-day running of the business

  • Tactical - The managerial aspect, allocation of scarce resources and staff.

  • Strategic – The allocation of resources and overall company direction.

But small business owners have the troublesome task of considering all three at once. We would aim to assist at the strategic level by helping you set, and achieve, clear goals for your business.

Using our proven methods and systems, our business coaching plans can:

  • Help you make your business more valuable

  • Identify problems in your business and produce a plan to deal with them

  • Help you grow your business in a controlled and sustainable way

  • Increase profits, and give you back some time

Call, email or message us to set up a consultation and start optimising your business!