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Finally some help for the self-employed

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Well, it's been a long time in coming but finally there's some help for the self employed through the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS). it's straight forward to claim. HMRC should have been in contact to say you're eligible. If you think you should be eligible but haven't heard anything, then a quick good should find you able to check on the HMRC website to see if you are eligible. If you, the process is straight forward. You'll need a government gateway ID (don't worry if you don't yet have one, you can get one of these painlessly too), your National Insurance number and your Unique Tax Reference (UTR). once you've applied you should receive your money within 6 working days. As I've mentioned before, unfortunately those that have gone self-employed in the 19/20 tax year are excluded.

And what's happening at TSA? well, we are still working from home but available for zoom or skype appointments. As far as we are concerned we are still open for business and new customers are welcome. We've been working from home now for 7 weeks, so it's starting to feel very normal, but we are looking forward to getting back in the office. We're still trying to support our clients through this crisis. Whether it be to help them make a claim, apply for a loan or just general advice on cash management. There's plenty to keep us occupied. Thankfully most of our clients can apply for some help, if not all the help that's available.

Well that's it for now but stay safe, it looks like we are starting to come out of this lockdown now, albeit slowly.

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