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Back to reality

Well, it's been an interesting few months to say the least. 3 weeks off work in December and a hospital visit due to covid. The office decimated as everyone had covid and we have one staff member at home with Covid now. It's surprising (or perhaps not, I think it will be to one or two clients) just how much covid can impact your business. For TSA it meant Caroline and I had to remain isolated. That meant not even being able to visit the office to collect client docs to work from home. And just try persuading someone to visit the office where covid has been coughed and spluttered all over! All of that at the busiest time of the year too. We have a contingency in place for disasters. Servers are backed up offsite, another firm will look after our clients etc. but when I had to have 3 weeks off as I was hospitalised, by the time all of that kicks in, I was back at work, trying to catch up on 3 weeks missed work at the busiest time of the year. Add to that I was away on my honeymoon (only two years late) for two weeks at the start of February. And now we are back to it.

Most clients have been very understanding, and we are very grateful for that. It looks like at the the end of February the hard work of my team means that we will be 100% up to date, which is better than most accountants. Self-assessments are all but complete and we look forward to two months of no self-assessments.

Inflation, well it's definitely rearing it's ugly head again and it's very likely the bank of England will increase interest rates again. Inflation is running at over 5%. many firms are looking at increasing prices and we will be reviewing ours too. Choppy waters ahead.

Well. Honeymoon over and back to business as usual. Back to having to deal with HMRC.

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