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Back in the office at last!

Has it really been 16 months? Where has the time gone? I'm very glad to be back in the office, but Caroline has loved working from home and isn't so keen. Sorry Caroline! We've had a really busy 16 months. But we're very glad to have been able to provide valuable support and guidance to our clients when they needed it most last year. We've had lots of positive feedback regarding our updates during Covid. We haven't done an update for a while and there are changes coming to the furlough scheme etc. so watch this space, we'll send another one out this week. It looks like we may be starting to return to normal, but it's still wise to be cautious in relation to cashflow. Some scientists are warning we may have to lock down again in the autumn or winter and there are concerns around the various different covid variants. In times of uncertainty we recommend protecting cash and a slightly more cautious approach to business. So now we are back in the office and hopefully looking at a return to normal as much as possible. Feel free to visit us and wear a mask if you prefer or don't, it's your choice. We'll wear one if you prefer us to.

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